Frank's Biography

Getting to know who started Florida Well Drilling

  Frank Alba was born in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain,  known for its wine, horses and Bullfighting. He served 4 years in the  Spanish navy and became a sailing specialist onboard the Juan Sebastian  de Elcano, a saling top sail schooner 370 in length. 
     After finishing his services, (1974) he moved to Barcelona and started to work in the drilling field with Captacion De Aguas Subterraneas Hispano- Japonesa, drilling through granite and marble. In 1977, he was hired by a new drilling company in Lerma, Burgous for Perforaciones Hermanos Gutierrez  where he drilled through clay, limestone, marble and granite. In 1979,  he started his own drilling company named Perforaciones y Sondeos F.  Alba, in Lerma Burgos.  The well drilling that took place in Spain  ranged from 12 - 30 inches in diameter and casing averaging 1000 feet in  depth. In 1981, he moved to the United States with his wife and two  young children. He began drilling in upstate New York for Burkett Well  Drilling. He drilled for natural gas and water. In 1983, he move to Brevard County seeking better weather. He began working for Merrow Water Supply,  servicing Brevard and Indian River County. He drilled deep/shallow  wells for irrigation and domestic purpose. While working for Merrow, and  after so many hours and sacrifice, he bought and old cable tool rig  "Byruss 20W," which he restored  in his back yard.
     In 1985 he started his own company Florida Well Drilling, Inc.  After a few years working with a cable tool rig system, he decided to  build a new rotary rig from the ground up. Having the ability to  engineer and fabricate his own drilling rig.  this year he will have 44  years in the drilling industry and 35 years drilling in Brevard and  Indian River Counties