Well Protection

PVC Well Liners

A Deep Well Liner ensures the diameter of your well to remain open and consistent. It also strengthens and prevents future sand penetration from well casing corrosion -or- splitting from the seams.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Question: What is the average life span of a deep well?
  • Answer:  95% of deep wells drilled by Florida Well Drilling last for an average 25 years. 
  • Question: What happen to a deep well as it ages which eventually terminates the usefulness of a Deep Well?
  • Answer:   Deep wells contain sulfur minerals in the aquifer, which will eventually affect the life of the well. Sulfur tends to adhere / build up along the inner steel casing. Thus, reducing the inside diameter which will decrease the volume of water from your well.

Weatherizing your Well

Upper well head cement grouting (Weatherizing)

It has been some time now that the health department mandates that all wells must be 12 inches above final grade. Before the health department  got involved, wells had no maintenance and were sealed in the ground with just a valve box put in place for the shut off. Wells constructed by Florida well Drilling are painted with an anti oxidation  paint to prevent any premature corrosion since it in now open to the elements. and physical abuse from lawn maintenance. However, all wells should be painted yearly, if not maintain properly, rust can form; and in time develop a pin hole at the surface that will have to be repaired.  

If you want to have a maintenance free well, you can consider having a cemented well sleeve installed. This will  seal the top portion form  moisture and the air, the two key elements needed for rust to occur. The sleeve goes down 18-24" below grade and all the way up to the shut off valve.


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Deep Well Protection Grouting and Liner info (JPG)


Deep Well protection info and options (JPG)


Don't use Galvanize casing for Deep Wells

Galvanize corrosion (PDF)